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Coaching Call 18 – 04 November, 2020

Nadeem Islam
Lately I have been struggling with a lack of energy / motivation, especially with this second lock down.
Any suggestions on how to improve and enhance energy?


Anita Namara: 00:10:00:06
I am looking to buy a property this time next year. Ideally want a freehold to live in and rent out, £130k, a house not a flat. I already have £12k saved in a LISA and will continue making contributions with the aim of having £20k total deposit amount.

I am working on improving my credit score and have recently cleared all my credit card debit. NB: I am single with no kids or work commitments as can work from home.

Apart from the above, what else should i be doing in the next 12 months to prepare for this big transaction?

Link provided during the call: Read this online letting agent guide:

Also I am struggling trying to narrow down on a location – how should i go about narrowing locations?

Link provided during the call: Cheapest properties with the best rental yields:


Nadeem Islam 00:16:30:05
There are a number of companies out there for BTL who claim to help prospective investors and lots that provide education courses,
Can you recommend any?
Any suggestions how to separate the good from the bad.
can you suggestion how to find a mentor for BTL
Can you suggest a good mastermind group for BTL.


Agustin Azorin Segura 00:20:18:23
After a period of stagnation that lasted about 8 weeks (August and September) I am back on track creating content for my blog. So far 23 articles uploaded and currently creating a freebie (money course).
When would be the best time to create events in order to grow my email list or use Facebook ads to increase my visibility?


Should I wait a bit longer?

My sister is helping me with social media but perhaps I should hire a social media manager?



Cedric: 00:28:43:20
I’m new to Pinterest and not sure I’m using it properly to drive traffic to my blog.
What Pinterest strategy would you recommend for a new blogger with virtually no traffic?

How do you create pins without wasting hours doing it?

Coaching Call 17 – 21 October, 2020


Eve: 00:05:06:07
As a result of a late start in life in investing in funds and ETFs the interest compounding spreadsheet (per the investment course in FJA) shows that if investing 1000 pounds a month I will become financially free at the age of 81. As it seems that passive investing, where funds are simply left to accumulate over many years but without active effort to mitigate any losses is not taken.

Is a more active way of managing investments a better option for older people?
Or is this way of achieving financial freedom simply not viable?
Is it still worth investing in passive funds?


Antonia: 00:24:36:11
What would you do with a lump sum of money but no income at the moment? (some income but bills exceed this!)

Eladio Salomon: 00:32:02:14
My wife Silvia and I are on the second step of the financial independence journey. We have a £180,000 mortgage (My monthly payment is £796, for 23 years and my interest rate is 1,79%) and £2,800 incomes. Our expenses are £2,500 per month so we are only able to save £300 monthly on our shares ISA account. If you were in my shoes and you receive a £500,000 tax free

How could you manage that money to burn steps on your financial independence route?
How much money will you save?
How much will you invest?
Can I assume that you will pay off the mortgage?


Eve: 00:38:58:24
I currently feel I cannot build visibility in my area of expertise and develop my business as I think any LinkedIn profile, youtube channel, website or blog linked to me and discovered by my employer could result in malicious comments and could be used as an excuse to build a dismissal case in future.
What can I do and how can I overcome this?


Michelle: 00:52:00:15
I am having trouble with getting any Amazon affiliate sells. I’ve had a few sales with Bluehost and Awin but I can’t seem to get anything with Amazon, even though Amazon affiliate links are everywhere! I’ve tried affiliate pins with Pinterest and I’m not quite sure what else I could do.

Can you help?


Ngozi Okafor: 00:57:16:11
Speaking of timelines/deadlines, what is the best way to plan for X amount of money by Y time, without any indication of how much can be made by any given amount of time? I hope this makes sense


Norah: 01:00:19:15
I recently started a non profit funded project and just wondering if there is any one who’s ventured into something similar.


Olivia: 01:01:32:03
How does the 5am session work?
Are you supposed to join the zoom?

Coaching Call 15 – 23 September, 2020


Cedric: 00:02:40:15
I hear a lot that best practice is to release content at least twice a week. I’m currently releasing a blog post every week which takes a lot of time and effort, probably because I’m at the start of the journey.
Is one post a week enough?
Any tips/hacks on how to write quality content faster?

Your FB live on how to plan a blog post was an eye-opener! I’ve used Keyword Everywhere and Google Keyword Planner but am really struggling to come up with definitive content ideas.
PS: refer to my question in the community

Could you do a live demo of your content/keyword research process?

Foluke Taiwo
We discussed registering our blog name as a shop sometime ago.
I want to know whether we just use the name as it is or do we need to register the domain name again with Shopify for instance by adding shop or store.

My blog name is “The Fulfil Circle” even though I have not yet launch the website.
Do I just use the name with Shopify or how do I go about it?
The Fulfill Circle Shop/Store/Fashion or The Fulfil Circle?


Following your challenge I am working towards it (although it will not be in September). I have realised that in order to have breakout rooms on Zoom you need to pay. and it’s not cheap.
Please can you recommend good websites for hosting webinars/online events that have this feature?

I tried using BuzzSumo, but struggling to stay abreast, someone has offered to do keyword research for me. Do you recommend this?


I’ve noticed that you sell the Budgeting template on THP site whilst others sell theirs on platforms like Etsy.
Which of these 2 ways would you say is better or one to do?
I’m getting confused about whether I need to be mindful of Digital Products VAT which seems to work differently from ‘normal’ VAT.
Do you know much about this?

Link provided in call:



What weekly and monthly habits would recommend we need to adopt or ingrain to reach the goal of financial freedom and to bring some order into our hectic lives.


Maria amaral
What is a better investment for a child?
To keep his money on a child trust fund( which means I can’t open a stock in share in Uk)
or to close the Trust fund and invest the child money on a stock and share?


Live Q&A

What is the recommended number of words for a blog post?

Does hrefs work with any language e.g. french?


Can this technique be used to gain followers on instagram or for creating and or converting ads on Facebook or IG?

Tools you can use:

Cleaner App: helps you unfollow people who don’t follow you.
Captivate App: This is the App we briefly used to follow people in the hopes of them following back. Just found out that the app has been shut down. Used

This post has a list of some alternative apps:

Coaching Call 10 – July 11, 2020


ANITA: 00:02:46:23

I will be doing a master class for a fellow coach friend. She has asked me to create and offer a short course/challenge to her audience and potentially mine too; putting me completely out of my comfort zone. I am very excited and appreciate her encouraging me to do something I have always wanted to do sooner than expected.

  1. Could you recommend some easy to use platforms that I can create a simple course on? It will be a 21 day challenge with a short daily video and assignment





DALIA: 00:04:34:04

  1. How to decide what side hustle/business ideas to pursue when you have so many ideas?
  2. How much of your personal life should you share on a blog?


KASSANDRA: 00:15:02:08

Moving with parents (out of London- rent-free) to spend 100% time on my business next month. I will have no income 🙂 Working on increasing jewellery orders will take time. I want to make some ‘pocket money’ and money to sustain the business. Don’t want to do Amazon, Uber or be a PA etc. I am not too technical- so no tech jobs. I should really focus most of my time on my business, but looking to do some gig work- so I can be flexible to make some money. I have experience in project management, public speaking and events co-ordination.

Just thinking of gig-economy work which I can do. I want to make money from my laptop:)

Can you help?



Choose which one best fits your skills and need: 

Another platform and example:



MICHELLE: 00:17:02:21

I’ve created multiple pins per post. I just wanted to clarify, after pinning the first pin to all relevant boards, do I post the 2nd and subsequent pins to the same boards (as the 1st pin) or make new boards for each pin?

In other words, is it wise to have an overlap of pins (different look but for the same post) in the same board.



PRISCA: 00:18:25:13

I am enjoying this journey to financial freedom.  However, time to work on my side hustler is not enough because of working long hours. But will not give up. I’m creating a blog to help young adults aged 18 to 30years  on issues of becoming independent, managing finances and living a healthy lifestyle.

I’m struggling to come up with a name. So far I have thought of baby steps to a 

good life. Steps of a victor Perseverance is key.

Turning the impossible to reality or possibility. Gateway to Success.

Please advise.


TASH: 00:20:45:24

Since doing some of the FJA finance courses I have found a new interest and my eyes have opened to the significance of money in terms of how empowering it can be to keep track, organise and plan. This is something that I have never been exposed to, not at school or by parents. 

Do you have any advice on what qualifications someone, who does not have a background/degree in finance or accounting, for them to start pursuing a career in finance? Qualifications that could boost skills and knowledge and boost a CV. 

For example I work in the marketing department for a big company, but I am planning to ask if I could transfer to work as a trainee in its finance department. 

What qualifications could strengthen this request?


  1. CIMA Certificate In Business Accounting (ideal for non-finance professionals and leads onto the CIMA Professional Qualification) –
  2. CIMA Professional Qualification –
  3. ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business –
  4. Masters and Postgraduate Qualifications – 
  5. Financial Planning Qualifications  – 

CEDRIC: 00:25:59:13

Ken, when you were employed, what changed at work when The Humble Penny started to take off? 

What would you do differently if you had known what you know now?


NGOZI – Elevated Mum Blog Launch: 00:32:02:09



What are you stuck with? 

Coaching Call 9 – June 28, 2020



FARHAT:  00:01:31:12

Are there times when you wanted to give up on your side hustle and how did you overcome those hurdles to make it a success?

As there will always be challenges arising how did you stay focused?


AGUSTIN:  00:16:28:10

I have been participating in other groups on Facebook and LinkedIn in order to get more visibility. I found that many groups on Facebook do not allow you to join with your Facebook page.

Would a Social Media Manager increase the chances of visibility as they are experienced in this field? 

I don’t mind investing a bit more money in my project as I see it as ROI.


List of Social Media Manager jobs for job spec ideas: 

A typical ad:

LEGO ad: 

DALIA: 00:18:05:12

I wanted to know how much content (blog posts) I should prepare before I publish my first blog post. 

I would like to blog at least once a week at first and then build up to twice a week. I am worried about having writer’s block.

BOGDAN: 00:19:56:24

A few weeks ago Amazon confirmed cutting the affiliate commissions for most categories by 60% and for some specific categories by as much as 90%. 

  1. Do you think other platforms will follow Amazon?
  2. Have you considered any contingency plans for your revenues?
  3. Can we brainstorm ideas?


BOGDAN: 00:23:41:20

My wife and I have as main objective for 2021 to buy our first ever home by July next year. We are now 6 months ahead of schedule with this objective, however we want to wait until our planned date just to have a healthy emergency fund in place. 

Seeing that banks are absolutely ridiculous and the time will be too short to invest our savings, what do you think about using NS&I premium bonds to hold our money until we buy our house?





CEDRIC: 00:27:28:20

I would love to do an EMBA to fast-track my career, and I know that Ken highly recommends it. My current firm doesn’t currently provide financial support for it and it feels too expensive to self fund (£50k – £100k+ depending on the school). 

  1. Would you say that it is definitely worth the investment?
  2. Is it worth looking for an employer willing to fund it?
  3. Would you be able to progress as well without it? 


EMMANUEL: 00:32:23:18

I am currently a full time employee, and at the same time working on my own as a side hustler sole trader on the weekends to increase my family income.

– Can the company I work for find out that I run a side business based on my tax self assessment?

– If yes, how can I avoid that? – Being a sole trader, how can I swap to become a limited company?


Pros and cons of being a limited company?

Pros and cons of being sole trader?


Here is an article that compares the pros and cons:’ll%20be,name%20for%20your%20limited%20company


EMMANUEL: 00:39:23:02

Would you say it is better to start a blog to promote your business before creating podcasts?


What are you stuck with?

ADE: 00:42:07:18

Mediavine had a requirement that you must reach 25k sessions a month before you can be approved for ads, are there any other ad platforms who are accepting a lesser threshold?

And for a new Blog, should you wait till you generate a certain amount of traffic before you start to include  ads as soon as you have started the Blog.

Kassandra 00:46:51:05

A bit of background, I am a fine Jeweller, and I wrote an open letter to the Jewellery trade, about the lack of inclusiveness for black jewellery and visibility in the UK , and the letter went viral. All of a sudden, I have become a black spokesperson overnight, when I’ve been doing jewellery for 9 years and no one cared about me until about 4 weeks ago. 

Please watch the video for the rest of the community Q&A

Coaching Call 8 – June 14, 2020



00:02:37:21: Agustin

I have published 12 articles so far. I know that Google does not send you traffic the first 3 months. 

What else can I do to promote the blog in the meantime? Facebook ads? Joining other groups and commenting in social media?


Use LSI graph to get other keywords to use as subheadings.



00:08:51:20: Bonani Mapundu

  1. What advice with regards to starting out on YT?
  2. What would you say is the best strategy for growth on YT?
  3. Is posting weekly sufficient when aiming to grow on YT.
  4. What information is a MUST on description of a video?


  1. See our most recent video on YouTube 
  2.  Grab our YouTube Upload checklist – checklist – (this will be part of our YouTube courses)

00:27:28:24: Agustin Azorin Segura

Just a follow up on the question I asked last time with regards starting a youtube channel.

  1. Is it best to do it as an add-on to the blog? 
  2. What about doing it in a completely different niche in order to diversify/increase the chances of success in the online world? 

This idea of trying different niches comes from the book “”Click millionaires”” by Scott Fox


00:29:22:12: Anita de Souza

    1. I do regular Facebook lives and would love to one day have an income stream from motivational speaking with a focus on financial health. 
    2. I have been recently approached by a few people wanting me to speak on their platforms and collaborate with them on zoom conferences. I realise it is not realistic to work with everyone and I’m still trying to figure this speaking side hustle. 
    3. I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on speaking at events and collaborating with others especially when starting out. 
  1. What you look for before you accept an engagement and if you feel it can be a realistic side hustle/additional income stream from your experience?”


00:43:15:16 Prisca

  1. I have been thinking of starting forex trading as one of my side hustles. I am afraid of losing money but have interest in it . I am looking for a trainer who can help me learn and become skilled at it. 
  2. You being an expert , what advice would you give and is this something you are involved in as well?



00:46:37:08: Ashaki

  1. I started my financial journey when I joined FJA and have managed to save quite a lot of money during lock down, however I am afraid my spending will go up as things change. Can you offer any tips to keep to my budget.


  1. Use the Budget For Life tool to make sure that you review your ACTUAL spending vs the 

Budget Read the following resources: 


00:49:27:19: Dahomey

    1. The Facebook LIVE that you presented on Psychology, Influence and Mental triggers was very timely particularly where you discuss the mental trigger of authority
    2. My end goal is to offer services as a (vegan) health coach. I have been considering taking a course to obtain a certification in plant-based nutrition that I believe will establish my authority in this area beyond my self-study and experience. I’ve identified two courses.
    3. The first is offered by eCornell, an online brand of Cornell University. It offers a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition created by T Colin Campbell, a well-known scientific voice in the area. This is the most expensive.
    4. A university also offers the second course. The University of Winchester here in the UK offers a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine accredits it.
    5. Both are 6 weeks, online but affiliated with a ‘bricks and mortar’ institution.

Would it be a good idea to invest in at least one of the courses?


00:52:45:00: Gill

  1. You mentioned a few calls ago that you would be polling the cohort for our preferences for course topics, have I missed this?
  2. Could you share your course/fja content plan so we can see what is coming and an idea of when?


  1. We shared this in the community 2 weeks ago. Here is the link: 


00:53:52:17: Nelly Elessa – Open discussion with the community

  1. How would you advise dealing with parents who do not embrace the concept of financial independence (and doing the hard work necessary for their own lives) and keep looking at their children to help them (with a sense of entitlement based on old traditions)? 
  2. It seems that some parents treat their children like a retirement pot! I do not understand this mindset and no longer want to contribute to this as my priority is building up my savings, investments and deposit. I have allowed a small budget allocation for this over years, however I have realised that this gesture has slowed me down significantly in my financial goals. What approach would you recommend (or have adapted) to stop a vicious cycle of dependency especially when parents are getting older? I could never envisage to do this to my own children, and will not be broke for anyone. Even though I have explained this, it seems to fall on deaf ears to them.


LIVE QUESTIONS TO THE COMMUNITY:  What are you currently struggling with?  

01:22:01:19: Foluke 

Most of the products I am selling are from China, and it is very difficult to source most of the products from China at the moment because of Coronavirus. This is holding me back. I have tried to join the East coast UK , and wondering whether I will be able to find products from there. So thinking I should join as a premium member for £75 per year. This is what I am currently considering. 

01:24:07:09: Angy

Mine is whether my Blog has been set-up right. It is ready for launch but not sure whether I need to make any changes and improvements to. Scared it will not be received well. 

Also want to know what CRM tool to use for my mailing list. 

01:26:43:21 Ika

My environment is stressful at the moment. I live with my son, my mum and my niece. My relationship with my mum is not very good. I am working from home at the moment, this is contributing to the strain in our relationship. I am tired and not able to focus on my goals. My mum is financially dependent on me. Even though she works, I pay for everything. It is difficult for her to move because she receives minimum wage, but she does not help with anything at home. I am feeling down about this situation. I want an apartment where I can have a good apartment and neighbours for my son. 

I am not the only child, I have 5 siblings. But my mum only relies on me. She thinks I need help because of my disability but it is my mum that needs the help, financially. My brothers set boundaries for her, but i never set boundaries. 

Coaching Call 7 – May 31, 2020




  1. Wondering if you could give me any tips/tricks/pointers that can be used in order to put down a deposit on a first place? 


  1. How can I pay the mortgage quickly in order to be mortgage free as quickly as possible?
    1. Having never dealt with this before I’ve looked at plenty of videos and guides and I understand mortgage overpayments but yet still don’t see how it can be done in 7-10 years or less like people suggest unless you’re on a low value property of <200K?


    1. We’d like to aim for 350k maximum if possible seeing as we are currently in Crawley and looking to put approximately 15-20% as a deposit if all goes well.”





  1. (Assuming you don’t have any costs per transaction) If you have, for example, £200 to invest monthly on index funds. Is it better to invest once a month, or make an investment of £100 fortnightly, or even £50 weekly?


These are questions related to how relocating outside the UK may affect your UK ISA/investments:

  1. What happens to your investments if you have been investing in an ISA but decide to relocate to a European country and you are no longer a UK resident?


  1. What classes as ‘resident’ in the UK for tax/investment purposes?
  2. If you spend time outside of the UK every year, what is the cut off at which your investments/ISA start to get affected?

Here are the residency rules: 

Test for residency 


George Papp-Georgiou

    1. “My fiance and I have a dream of buying land and building a home in Cyprus or Greece off-grid, the cost will be between 50k-100k. 
    2. We are looking to save enough in next 5 years max to get there and in the meantime create side hustles which can cover our living costs (2-3k p/m). 
    3. We currently have a mortgage on a flat in London which we have only just started paying.
    4. I wanted to get your opinion on the typical asset allocation split that you would suggest. For example
    5. Side hustle investment and 5% Skills. *To note I have 3 months expenses in Easy access savings.
  1. Am I on the right track? 

We plan to rent out the flat we have on mortgage in London. I would have the option of working but I am hoping to create Passive and Side hustle income to support our life over there. So as this is the goal, what would you advise in regards to split between investing and mortgage overpayment in next few years?


  1. How would you further split the 40% Stock index fund investment into diversifying and gaining exposure to Crypto/REITS/Gold?”


Ika Narciso

  1. I would like to know what do you think about this Vanguard fund: S&P 500 UCITS ETF (VUSA)?
  2. Are there any other funds you personally would invest for long term return?


  1. Knowing my current financial stage (4), would you suggest investing in a dividend fund or accumulation fund?



  1. “Thanks for making an easy to follow super simple investing course (Stocks, Shares, ETFs and Index Funds) and it genuinely felt personalised as if you are talking to me. You mention a few times do your research in investing in specific stocks/shares etc. The different investment platforms outline that “”Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results””.
  2. Based on your experience and knowledge can you share what type of indicators we should be looking for and/or make a hypothetical example or share what literature or books may illustrate this information. 



  1. P.S. They don’t have index funds or passive investments available in my home country so I would like to know what key ingredients to look out for.




Angelina Amofa

I don’t know where to start.

    1. I have no passive income stream. 
    2. I want to have a stream to generate around £5000 a month. 
    3. I understand this can take 5 to 10 years.
    4. I have a guide I want to self publish. I also think I could start with a blog maybe.




James Mansell

  1. “Why does Sara Trezzi target the US market? 
  2. Does she target other markets?
  3. Will there be a blogging course and when will be available?



  1. Blog Content – do you have advice on how to ‘split’ your blog content/information level between free (do it yourself), Premium (Do it for you) Coaching/Membership ( do it with you) 


  1. How best to balance the ‘loss leader’ information to attract people towards the blog/premium content but to give them enough further value in the premium content.



  1. “I am in the early stages of my blog and I am currently looking at writing an accumulation of posts, so when I go live my blog isn’t looking too empty.
  2. Should I join affiliate programs and write posts with embedded affiliate links or wait until I have a certain amount of traffic ?
  3. Should I set up advertising now or when I have a certain number of traffic ?




Agustin Azorin Segura

  1.  How do you cope with criticism? A number of friends criticized my blog? It was constructive but I still felt a bit down for 2-3 days…
  2. Seriously thinking about starting a youtube channel linked to my blog. What about doing a youtube channel in a completely different niche? What is your opinion?”





    1. For Mary – As a stay at home mom and design and technology person (person behind the scene stitching videos etc everything together) can you give us some insight into your time management, how you divide your skills (including learning a new skill) and time to focus on your family and content creation in supporting the humble penny and FJA business. 
  1. Do you have help?
  2. how do you manage with so many things to juggle and keep on schedule?”





Business structure: I just want to know, do I register a business before I can start  Amazon FBA?



Property vs Investing:  My wife & I are hoping to buy our 1st property one day. At

the same time, we also want to be investing for the kids and retirement. 

So with the current situation right now, what would be the best thing? Do a bit of both, or just focus on one more than the other??



Business structure:  If I want to create a store on Etsys or Shopify, wouldn’t it be better to create a company for Tax purposes? And which should you go for? 



Contribution from Ade regarding setting up company

Coaching Call 6 – May 17, 2020




  1. I believe you have a video for getting started blogging, is this Blog on YouTube or is it on a Coaching Call?
  2. I’m considering starting a blog and I want to know all the steps involved (E.g. Getting a Website done and where to host it, costings etc..)
  3. Topics I’m looking at Blogging on the following, Should I do one at a time or all together? 
    • Property (Residential Property & Investing)
    • Learning Techniques
    • Money Management (Debt Management)
    • Finding a Job & Career Progression


Blogging Course:  (sign up for 7-day free course)

Blogging Tutorial: 

Blogging Video Playlist:



  1. When doing keyword research on competitors to decide on your next blog post (with ahrefs or Keywords everywhere for example)
  2. What values for the different metrics would be good for us as starting blogs? 
  3. What volume? 
  4. what KC?”



Here is a good article for understanding blogging metrics: 



  1. On most blogs out there, I see extensive content on “starting your own blog”. Is this usually the main revenue model for bloggers? (i.e. affiliate links to web hosts) 
  2. Does this generate more revenue than advertising and other affiliate marketing programs? 


  1. How about creating products and courses?


Maureen Makanza

I am currently building an occupational health business and have been promoting essential services as a side gig.

  1. My question is relating to starting a blog, do I separate the blogs in such a way that I have one for the OH business and another for branding me


  1. What are your thoughts regarding the use of a social media company? Are there ways that can help someone to keep it all DIY and still be effective? (Background- still building the occupational health business and finding I have a number of things that I need to undertake to bring the biz to standard. At the same time I am looking to increase revenue in the side gig).”





  1. What are the pros and cons of different types of lead funnels? email courses vs pdfs vs video.




Iyesha Kebe

  1. “How can I create a budget where I can still enjoy life (self care, buying clothes), invest in my education, save and build for financial freedom/joy?
  2. I’m someone who likes percentages lol should I be only investing 10% into my education or should 30% of my income go to savings for example?”





  1. What is the best way to get the most out of the Facebook community (rephased) AND Us?





  1. I’ve been wondering, how do you decide what price to offer for your services?

I’ve asked my workplace how much we charge per hour for support when done under what’s known as “Block Hours” we will essentially try to support ANY query the user might have on their system and it’s £85 an hour!” Which is too much



  1. What is your advice on key steps to publishing an e-book? 
  2. which online platforms would you recommend for publishing and how does someone market an e-book?



We have a detailed resource here that answers these: 



  1. HMOs and Buy-to-Let investments: It is reported that property prices are currently falling. Would it be wise to keep waiting for the prices to fall further before investing? 
  2. When is it predicted that property prices will start rising again?





You Tube: Which software could we use in creating animated videos?



Here is a link to various options:





I have £15k sitting in cash isa in VANGUARD ready to go across to Life Strategy 80% Equity Fund.  

Problem is I have been too busy and almost not wanted to invest it as a lump sum. I saw the fund bottomed on 23 Mar and is slowly climbing so I should have just invested it all straight away when I put the money in at the end of last financial year.  

I am almost paralysed as it feels safe in cash but I know that is not the right way with inflation and so how do I pound cost average? £500 a day over next month.  Thank you 🤷‍♀️






 Investing: In terms of investing in funds, is there a particular day that is good for that?

I’ve been awarded £500 and would like to invest it, so does it matter if I invest it 

today or tomorrow?  



Investing: I’ve recently joined FJA and it’s amazing. I’ve got so many ideas and wanted to 

find out where to start off? Not sure whether I need to send you a proposal or plan or

do I just crack on?  



Just a quick one, Ken what you the name of the ETF at Vanguard you mentioned earlier?



Investing: In terms of prioritising investing money now, over saving, 

we are trying to put money aside for our emergency funds, but we are in 

a unique time in the market  where we should be buying in my 

opinion, so given the circumstances, should we prioritise that over saving? 



Side Hustle: I’ve started a new side hustle but I have a lot of new technical skills to learn

and currently struggling with it.  Should I stop and do something else or carry on with it?  I want  an extra  source of income

Coaching Call 5 – May 3, 2020

Affiliate Programme

04:30 – Is there any Financial Joy Academy offer/affiliate program? If so, please could I have details?


06:05 – I currently have a freelancer designing my website, but feel I am missing out on the learning process of setting up a blog.

Q1: Is setting up your blog on a website different to a standalone blog?

08:04 – Q2. Is it best to set up your own blog or get someone to do it for you, even if through a website?

08:26 – Q3. Would you recommend that I get my designer to teach me how she has set up my blog or go and learn how to do it myself on the side (you have a blog on how to start a blog which takes us through the setup process). Thank you!”

Blogging and Social Media

10:13 – Should I write on my social media platforms every time I post? 

10:59 – Anything else that I should be writing on social media regularly?

13:02 – Anything else I should be doing at this stage? I guess the most important is creating content consistently.

14:35 – Should I let all my friends know about the blog? Or should I take it easy when it comes to friends?

Blog not yet live, have 10 blogs posted.

Blogging Expansion

15:58 – Regarding blogs, is it possible to amend the structure as you go along / over time?

E.g. you start with 5 category menu and some sub menus. Along the blogging journey, due to expansion in your activities you decide to increase to 10 menus and more sub-menus.

17:35 – Is this feasible without losing earlier blogs and information?

18:00 – Is the process painless? 

– Is there a software that helps with this?”

Blogging for client relationships

18:25 – My brother had sports related clients, but has not been able to work with them again since paternity leave.

What are the best topics to discuss in terms of blogging to reach potential clients and maintain his client base?

29:42 – How does he monetise the blog in order to secure financial income for his family?


31:01 – Regarding FIRE number course – current spreadsheet only accounts for cash available for investment into stock/shares, however how do we account for properties that we own in our own name as well as Ltd which contribute to our retirement calculations?

Regarding Budget For Life Course – Our life insurance, critical illness insurance, childcare costs etc are paid for under our businesses, do we include this here? Or are we only looking at what comes out of our personal accounts?

Dream Lifestyle

32:11 – Can I still contribute to my daughters private school fees, pay a mortgage, build a business and achieve financial independence all once I secure a graduate job?

For background I am 27 and live at home with my parents, I have not yet secured a graduate job but hope to very soon. I have a dream of purchasing property for me and my daughter.

FJA Course Suggestion

38:18 – Could you please do a course on the creation of digital products. Courses, ebooks, etc?

38:58 – share hacks and useful experiences.

– masterclass on those who’ve been on that journey to share experiences and best practice.

– explore the technical aspects.

Immigrant Investing

39:29 – I am in the UK on a working contract which expires in 20 months time

Where should I start in terms of investing? What are the most appropriate steps to take?


41:03 – I watched a YouTube interview of Raoul Pal ( former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager) he said we will enter a Doom Loop soon:

What do you think that now means for investing in index funds?

I have 3 index funds. I was wondering whether to stop adding money in monthly?

45:40 – With the current market situation (and opportunities that may arise) are there any changes (no matter how slight) you have made to your investment strategy? 

Also are there any opportunities on the market you feel we should consider e.g. increasing investments in oil based shares.

I have the following index funds 

Vangaurd lifetime strategy 80%

Vanguard ftse 100

Vanguard ftse all share 

I would like to sell off the two ftse index funds and invest the money with it’s profit to the lifetime strategy 80% as it includes those index funds in it anyway.

This way the monthly donations do not have to split by 3 as well.

Is this advisable ? 

48:57 – In the current uncertain climate what investment strategy would you recommend. Capital Growth or Wealth preservation?

For those who are slightly more risk averse but want some return would you recommend a Vanguard Bond Fund during this particular uncertain time with the view of moving it to an ETF possibly later?

Investing For Children

51:42 – What’s the best use of my two children’s £20,000?

I have saved £100 a month since 2012 and not sure if I should put the money in some sort of investment fund or pay off my outstanding £20k mortgage next year.

Mortgage Overpayment

54:57 – On your journey to financial independence, did you pay off your mortgage first before saving towards your FI number or did you work on paying off your mortgage as well as saving towards your FI number at the same time? 

What would you recommend?

Starting A YouTube Channel

57:50 – On behalf of my 11 years old daughter, please let us know the following;

1) Video editing for Youtube

2) How To Grow Her Youtube Channel

Website Development

59:35 – How to get someone from Fiverr to help me set up my website?

Property Investment

1:00:15 – What strategies are there for Flipping Properties (Find the Properties and Financing them) in this current client?

Coaching Call 4 – Questions & Time stamps

00:46:24Please explain the Google pay per click and it’s importance.


05:45:14 – what social media platforms do you recommend as part of my blog?

06:54:06 – About trademarking. What are the steps to follow? Is there a website I need to go to?

07:16:13 – Is there anything else I should be doing at this stage


08:35:22 – l want to know how to invest in Index Fund & ETFS Fund without eating my capital.


10:46:20 – What are the key legal implications of starting a new online business (including blog) to be aware of?


15:41:06 – How do you split the amount you invest per month amongst individual shares and funds?

16:37:12 – Also how do you go about selecting your individual shares since you have more confidence in funds?

16:57:22 – You have both HL and Vanguard accounts for your children As you can only open one Junior Isa, what is the other account you use for the other platform?

17:22:08 – How did you make that decision regarding the other account?

18:15:08 – I have not done the dividends course yet, would you still recommend purchasing funds without this knowledge or completing the course first?


18:39:15 – Could you explain a bit more on how to do the trademarking of our brands?

22:27:15 – When monetizing our blogs.. What payment vehicle should we use? Do we have to set up a limited company? Just wondering about the most tax efficient way of getting paid.

22:59:21 – About the legal aspects of our content. I have seen that many websites have a disclaimer, the same happens with You Tube videos about Personal Finance. They always say something like “this channel is just for entertainment purposes only, if you need professional advice…”

Should I write a disclaimer before launching the website?

24:48:04 – I have started an side hustle selling items on eBay what advice can you give on setting up an eBay business or something similar


30:23:11 – How much of an an emergency fund would you recommend and what proportion of this would you keep in cash or liquid assets such as bonds or index funds.

Once you have your emergency fund, how much would you then keep aside for potential investments or is it better to just invest and try to get the money out later if required?

32:29:02 – When building stock portfolio, what proportion should be allocated to dividend investing funds as part of the equity mix where dividends are not being reinvested. i.e. as part of an income strategy.

34:22:23 – Pensions – would you recommend Pension Bee over Vanguard.


37:38:13 – I would like to know what type of saving account I should keep my emergency fund?

38:46:10 – Would make any difference in the amount saved?

39:57:02 – Having an emergency fund equivalent to 1 year or more, where would you save that money?


40:26:17 – It’s generally recommended not to monetise blogs at the initial stages. Is it possible to retrospectively monetise an old blog?

41:40:09 – Is it possible to edit/ update old blogs.


43:48:17 – Lindie and I are currently on Stage 2 (Financial Solvency) and we are currently saving up our emergency fund to cover 3-6 months living expenses.

We are wondering is this 3-6 months of all expenses including variables and ‘luxuries’ or only the essential living costs? 

44:35:04 – We don’t have children yet (not expecting either) but we are wondering if there’s anything we could be doing now financially to get ready for when the time comes?


48:23:07 – I have heard that is a link to a blog appear on another website that have authority, that it will help that blog to rank on google.

What is the best way to get my blog to appear on websites that have authority?

Is it going to happen organically or is there anything I need to do to make it happen?” 

Coaching Call 3 – Questions & Time Stamps

00:11 – Where would you advise us to invest on to have a consistent income flowing in even in crisis like the current situation?


05:00 – Regarding Rob and Sara’s HMO, did they borrow on top of their mortgage, fully or partially, or if they funded it themselves? If the latter, this means the cost to entry is a lot higher than the 25% deposit

06:27 – New tax rules mean that you could no longer offset your mortgage against the income generated, but Rob mentions out of the £60k profit the tax and mortgage is taken out. Could you clarify? Is he accurate?


08:13 – How do you decide what to write on a weekly basis or however often you decide to post?

11:59 – I am however questioning whether there would be enough interest in my field and how to keep it interesting.


14:46 – We are asset rich but relatively cash poor. What should our strategy be as we near ‘retirement’? How do we change that situation?


16:49 – I have ‘little pots of pension”” with various employers, how do I find out their values?

17:40 – Do I somehow consolidate the pots?

Suggested provider – PensionBee

18:53 – How do I know the value of my pension to use in a net worth calculation if the annual benefits statement only tells me what the annual pension will be payable at not a balance.


20:37 – 53:23 – “Skills Funds” Case Study by Thando


53:29 – Would you personally advise on using Business Property Relief as a measure to mitigate against inheritance tax? What is the process for setting this up, risks etc? Also is there a difference with regards to inheriting money vs property?


1:02:19 – Regarding newsletters I need some guidance on how to create a mailing list. How often would you send out emails? What programs do you use or suggest?

Coaching Call 2 – Questions & Time Stamps


01:09 – If one has a website with a shop would you say the best is to set up a separate blog website or place the blogs on the shop website?

02:39 – When it comes to creating the skeleton of the website I am a bit stuck. I am very clumsy when it comes to computers/IT stuff. When you visit the website it appears a “Coming soon” and Bluehost background).

Should I launch the website prior to starting creating the skeleton so I can check the appearance?

The other question is regarding what Ken mentioned last time about outsourcing the technical support for building the website. Does this make sense in order to speed up the learning process?

04:39 – My wife and I are both wanting to do our personal finance business together (called Skilled Funds). My question is how did the two of you find a way that works for you?

06:50 – How would you advise my wife and I to find our way of working together?

07:56 – Based on what you know today, what would you say to Ken and Mary when you were in my shoes of starting out your blog journey?

09:29 – What should I avoid or not waste my time doing because it won’t yield much fruit?

10:50 – What should I be focusing on to truly maximise building an audience and monetising the blog?

11:43 – I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say that affiliate marketing and advertising revenues are dropping. Have you experienced it and if so, what other income streams do you focus on?


13:04 – What tips can you give if there is only one person in the household who is the main earner. How do they manage/monitor their finances?


14:52 – Do I need to open a new account to invest in stock and shares with HL?

15:49 – Can I invest in stocks and shares with the current balance I have with HL?


16:05 – With a financial pot of £600,000 (that is, £2000 monthly income at a withdrawal rate of 4%) at the retirement age of 55, 1. Does this mean that ‘X’ would run out of his pot by the age of 80 if he withdrew £2000 each month over 25 years?

17:48 – 2. If X has a pot of £600,000 but only withdraws £18,000 annually (that is, 3% withdrawal rate). Will X never run out of money? 3. If yes, please explain the reason(s) for this.


19:50 – As a work from home mum of 3, what digital skills can I improve to start generating immediate income? Bearing in mind the only digital skill I have is research skills I developed in Uni.


24:00 – Where do you start from scratch as a single parent when you work full time, have no savings, living paycheck to paycheck and limited time to work on a side hustle? What little things could be done to build wealth from scratch?


31:14 – How many videos a week would you recommend to release starting out on youtube?

32:17 – I wish to start my Youtube videos. I don’t wish to show my face, I wish to record my voice and have overlays of pictures/ illustrations over my voice.

• Which professional will I require to satisfy this challenge?
• Do you have any in mind or can you signpost me?
• This should include subtitles, texts and relevant pictorials?
• Do you have an idea of cost implications?

What’s the best way to go about this, as it relates technicalities, preventing intellectual property infringement, and putting it in the market place.

37:47 – What is your process in making a YouTube video or any other video content? Can you recommend resources on when you first started making YouTube videos? As well as any top tips?

(Camera equipment)

Canon EOS M50 Camera –

Canon 5D Mark II Camera –

Canon EF 24 – 70mm F2.8L Lens –

Canon EF 50mm F1.4L Lens –

Manfrotto Tripod –

Apple iMac 2019 –

Rode Microphone –

Abeststudio Lights –

(YouTube Tools)

Vid IQ  

Social Blade 

Adobe Premier Pro 

Open Shot

51:01 – Please explain what you mean by editing backwards

52:23 – Do you have an ETA for the proposed blogging and you tube courses please?


52:47 – Am new to property. Had always have interest but yet to get the full knowledge however an opportunity has present itself (rent to rent) to be precise and I was wondering

What are the key things I need to do or have in the contract?

What are the key things the property should have (in terms of the legalities)?

What should the landlord include in the contract?
So as we both have a successful business experience. Business would be based in Essex.

Coaching call 1 – Questions and Time Stamps


04:57 – How would you suggest we should invest our capital in light of a potential correction in the market due COVID-19 which runs the risk initiating a recession?

09:03 – I have an ISA account, am I able to invest in all types of investments such as dividend stocks, bonds, shares, index funds etc? Are there any limitations to investing from an ISA account?

10:12 – Can I still invest in Index Funds during this global coronavirus around?

11:10 – How much would be a good amount to begin investing with and where to begin investing?

12:51 – Would you advice investing in farming/agriculture in Africa?


14:01 – Can you cover some key information on starting a YouTube channel?

15:46 – What online business can I create that does not affect my career or compete against my employer, that has the potential to make many streams of income such as courses, books? Do I create an online business similar to my current career choice or move away and do something completely different?

19:03 – Can you give figures on how much income you generate from writing a blog?

23:49 – What would be your top 10 topics to blog?

24:43 – How do I choose a niche for a blog? The things I am passionate about I have no knowledge of, the things I do have knowledge of, I am losing interest in.

26:26 – I have someone developing my website now but I don’t know what to ask my developer to focus on first?

28:50 – How many different ways can you re-purpose videos in to written content for a blog?
(link video to audio)

30:55 – What do I do next after I have a domain and theme set up?

35:00 – How often should I create blog posts?

36:40 – Do you have any advise on really narrowing down on a blog niche? (already asked in community)


36:55 – Is it better to save when you are paying off your debts or use all your available money to expedite paying of your debts?


38:25 – When will the FIRE Superpower course be released?


40:42 – What career advice/direction would you give a 16 year old that will work well in their future?

43:37 – What can the 16 year old student do while studying to better their chances of a prosperous future?

43:49 – How often will you be adding new courses?


44:47 – I have written goals for 2020, do I share them with an accountability partner? Or share with the whole group? How do I get an accountability partner?


47:35 – How do I move to the next level transitioning from my day job to a successful eBay business?


50:19 – How would you perceive the creation of another personal finance blog in relation to your own blog? Competition or catalyst? Risk or opportunity? Friend or foe? Is the market saturated?


52:31 – My first question is, would you recommend Robo investing apps like Moneybox, Nutmeg, Wealthify etc? As I’m on the journey of learning more about finance and investing, I’m tempted to open a new stocks and shares ISA in the new tax year with Vanguard where I’d have a lot more control over what I invest in and can start to apply my learnings.

If I do this, would you recommend I keep my stocks and shares ISA with Moneybox and just stop paying into it, or transfer it completely to the new Vanguard stocks and shares ISA? What are the pros/cons?