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15 March – 78



Hi, I still working on my blog, this is the landing page and its in draft mode, please can I have feedback on my landing website so far





What question would you like us to answer during the next live session?

Hello Ken / Mary, I hope you are both keeping well. I wanted to ask if you can help with the following question. It is for my son rather than myself, he has his own YouTube channel, in the last couple of days he has received two emails. They are requesting for raw filming content and the cost of licensing one of his YouTube shorts, both are payable. I wanted to ask if you can advise how he can maximise both opportunities and how best to respond. The request for content is from Huel and the cost of licensing is from a production company in South Africa. I appreciate my son is not an FJA member, but I’m sure this discussion would be of interest and benefit to other FJA members who are creating their own YouTube channel. I have posted both emails below:

I hope this email finds you well.

I work for a production company in Cape Town, South Africa and we are currently editing a documentary about gender based violence in South Africa and the director would like to make use of one of your videos in the edit of the documentary.

We would like to know if it would be possible to license this footage and how much it would cost. At this stage, the documentary will only be show at festivals with a view to finding distribution.

The video we would like to license:

Many thanks and kindest regards”

How are you doing? My name is Darcy, I work for Huel. I was wondering if you would be interested in making some content for us? We are looking for some students to create some YouTube content for us to use on our paid social media channels. You would not have to post this on your own channel. We would also edit the footage for you, you would just need to send us the raw clips!

Kind Regards



05:50 – Heleana Blackwell

We’re setting up our website and are looking to start a mailing list. What are the advantages of using convertkit over mailchimp in your experience? The list is for a publishing and edting services business – we don’t know if we’ll end up using the landing pages, but it seems that Convertkit offers us more flexibility if I want to set one up in future.


13:48 – Sandra – What are your thoughts on Chat GPT AI?

27:07 – Heleana – how she used Chat GPT

28:23 – Joba – How he used Chat GPT

30:32 – Can Chat GPT affect Blogs?

34:46 – So-so used ChatGPT for her CV and job applications

38:39 – Patience – can you use Chat GPT to write screen…

40:57 – Manda – best way to grow my nailing list?

45:32 – Bena – what’s the version of Chat GPT to use?

47:00 – Feedback on ways in which Manda can build her mailing list?

55:38 – Ideas for Print on demand products in order to scale my business?



Dec John Coffey (Dec)

Hello Ken & Mary 🙂
In what order do i setup my online affiliate business… Do i for example do this:
1) Create limited company via hmrc website,
2) find an accountant,
3) open a business bank account,
4) setup accounting software e.g xero,
5) register for self assessment
6) etc


04:10: How often does an accountant work with anyone’s business – i.e. Is it a constant thing where they are in touch weekly/monthly or is it just when you need to have documents checked that would be the time you would hear from them?



Joshua Akinbohun

I am looking to trademark my company name “Kilolu” and was wondering how to go about selecting relevant classes?





This is an add on to my last question I submitted. (see below) ( after research I discovered that the .com domain was £13,000 – looks like I am sticking to

My question is this :

When do I know that it is the best time to start trademarking my blog? Is it best to do it straight away? Or should there be a number of things set in place first? (E.g a certain level of traffic and monetisation etc)


09:46: .COM DOMAIN 


Hi both,

Im looking for some advise on how to go about getting a patent/ copyright for my blog.

I have a domain name. domain isn’t operating and is up for sale (requesting $500)

it it important that I buy the .com? Or can I move forward with getting a patent with my current domain?





How do I build my first 10 email/new subscriber list.

Friends and family are not my audience niche because I am tailoring my Content to new to almost new immigrants.

So aside social media what others ways do I explore to build that base?


14:56: TAX YEAR


With the end of the tax year coming up, I’ll be maxing out my allowance for my stocks and shares isa. I’ve been told that one can only have one isa account per tax year. Is this still the case? I can’t keep my stocks and shares isa and also open a cash isa? Could you confirm please. Thanks.


Hi Ken and Mary ,

My question is regarding investing. With the vanguard company pension SIPP.

I understand that i can pay up 40k of my business profits into my pension and not pay tax.

I have money in my business account, when do I transfer that money into my vanguard pension ?is it immediately or at the end of the tax year ?

And how much do I have to be making per month or per year to declare to HMRC?

Hope this makes sense.


Ken mentioned in a few videos the importance of having a website as a focal point of your business (completely agree) . This was also covered on the masterclass “perfectly planned websites that coverts”.

I have a website which I am looking to outsource for improvements. It was created on squarespace and domain name is

Q1. Do you recommend I purchase a .com domain name or stick to the domain name?

Q2. Should I keep squarespace as my hosting platform or move? I ask this question because i also want to link a blogging page on my website and I am not sure if squarespace is the best platform to use.

Website link



25:37 Heleana: I am mid validating my idea for my membership. Should i run ads to get people to sign-up?

32:02 Eladio: Eladio: invest my money into debt,ISA or Business?

45:27 Salome: LTD company –  When you start a Limited company and you start to pay for things, camera, laptop etc, I started using my personal money at the beginning, but am i supposed to put the money to my business account first to mayke the payment? 


01:38 – Michael Glassock

Hi there,

Apologies if this is a bit to niche for this setting, only recently joined so still getting to grips with everything 🙂


– After completing the Net worth exercise, I have 2 forms of liabilities; Mortgage and Uni Fees. As a past UK student you only pay a nominal amount towards these fees which don’t even cover the monthly cost / interest therefore the total sum increases each year. 

  1. As these are wiped in most cases after a period of time would it be sensible once reaching a place of financial stability to look to overpay my mortgage and disregard my Uni fees knowing they will be wiped in due course?


04:10 – Bena

As a very new member of FJA, I do not quite understand how the “Success Month” activities should be done. 

  1. Should these be done first before the Action Plan that results from the Money Journey Quiz? 
  2. Could you break this down please?

Many thanks



Sarah Olaifa

  1. How to setup a decluttering service as a side hustle?


Sarah Olaifa

  1. I have just consolidated my pensions with true potential wealth management- would you recommend them?
  2. how would you make most of them to make your money work for you in your retirement.





Joba Mogaji

I am currently on a 1.7% mortgage with 18 months left. However, I want to move home and want to port (transfer) the existing mortgage to the new home purchase.

My current provider (Halifax) said the only way to port the existing rate is by selling the existing property but I want to rent out the current home, take equity from it (and additional savings) as a deposit for the new home.

From my research, I can either create an SPV ltd company and sell my home to the company so that I can port the existing mortgage rate OR

Re-mortgage to a buy-to-let or use a let-to-buy mortgage but this will push me to a higher tax bracket due to the rental income counting as personal income which I don’t want.

What will be your advice?