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Coaching call – call 66 – Wednesday 14 September 

02:05 – Thoughts on Hart Culture

Makeda Bonsu

In terms of investment opportunities, have you heard of Hart Culture Credit Union (HC Credit union)? They stated they offer higher interest rates than the high street bank. I would appreciate your reflection on this bank. 

03:10 – Multiple Business Under 1 Limited Company

Sandra Laws

I have set up a limited company for my coaching business. 

  1. Can I run one or more separate businesses under the limited company name? 
  2. Can each of the businesses have different business activity or do they have to be similar in nature? Could I have a coaching, a clothing and a property business under one limited company name? 
  3. How would this work in practice? Thanks very much for the advice.


05:00 – Selling Products and Services


As a business owner, it’s good to have various services that cater to the needs of clients, depending on what their needs are.

  1.  What advice can you give regarding how to sell/promote services and categorise them so it’s easier for clients to choose from? 
  2. Some clients may feel overwhelmed doing too many things at once, so what would be a more viable/easier option?

Thank you.


 09:17 – STAY HUMBLE


  1. As a Christian myself, one thing that drew me to the Humble Penny was their humility in comparison to how far God is taking them. Do they have any tips on how to stay grounded and humble as someone is progressing in their journey to being financially free please?


14:48 – CROWD FUNDING (come back to this)

Ann-Marie Kinlock

I’d love to know what you think of equity crowdfunding. What are the pros and cons? Has anyone had experience doing it? What are some important points to consider to ensure success?


16:07 – Selling Established Ebook


I am new to the community and trying to go from financial security to financial freedom. My obstacles are fears around visibility and social media that I hope to slowly overcome by pushing pushing pushing.

Content creation seems to be the way for me and I am currently exploring what could be my niche. I keep going back and forth between “there are many things I could write/record about” (I am an experienced coach, a hypnotherapist, a linguist, a translator, a mum, an executive assistant and a handful of other things…) and “I know nothing and I have no idea what to talk about”).

I want to put myself out there but I want to do it properly – with a thought out strategy and brand. I don’t want to write random stuff and and I don’t want to write crap for my standards (sorry) because I changed my mind and I am no longer excited about the subject I chose.

  1. One specific question I have is that I already have what you would call a digital asset: a book on mental health (“Depression into Joy”) that I self-published in Amazon,and that is making 0 money as I have no idea how to market it / monetise it. It would be great to be able to monetise it and maybe integrate it in my strategy, since it’s already out there, right? Any advise or idea would be welcome.


22:29 – YOUTUBE


  1. Is creating a Youtube Channel around my weight loss journey possible or is this a too saturated Niche in order to help others and create a side hustle around this?




Dear Ken and Mary/FJA Team,

Firstly my apologies for what may be a bit of a long-winded question.

I joined FJA a week ago and I’m at Stage 2 on the Money journey. Over the past week, I’ve completed a thorough review of my current assets and investments and I’m concerned about one in particular – the Generalli VISION Unit Linked Insurance Plan. I took out the plan in 2015 which has a 20-year term and my monthly premiums are EUR1000. As usual, when I took it out, the person who sold it showed me some fancy graphs and illustrations promising returns between 600 – 750k assuming 5-8% growth. The plan has the typical feature where huge fees etc are taken out in the initial years so the policyholder only starts to see gains from Year 9 onwards. At my last review, I found out that I’m not on track to get the returns I was hoping for – actually I will probably get between 3-5% : 281K @ 3%, 368K @ 5% or 486k@ 9%.

Fully understanding that actually returns of any kind of investment are dependent on market performance, this is still quite disappointing. This plan was supposed to supplement my pension at my standard retirement age, currently 65 (15 years from now)

  1. Given the knowledge I have gained in investing over the past 18 months or so, I am considering cashing in on the plan and taking the circa 10k loss, using the surrendered funds circa 70-80k to clear existing debt and free up more of my monthly income for investing.
  2. Thereafter open up 2 separate index or mutual fund accounts, 1 for circa15 years and the other for say 30 years. My thinking is that even at a potential average return of 10%, I should do better with Index/Mutual funds than the plan I’m currently on.
  3. I know you are not Financial Advisors and cannot give advise, but I’d like to leverage the experience in this community regarding the VISION plan or similar type plan and I’d be keen to hear any feedback or pearls of wisdom on this topic to help me move forwards in a better direction.



Joba Mogaji

  1. Would love to see how couples working full-time with toddlers manage their time to achieve their dreams


52:26 – BLOGGING 

Nathan Perrin

My question is about content planning and executing. I have an Instagram page called “Thecomfymoney”, The main topics I make posts about are investing, personal finance, pensions and general good money habits and one day I want to make posts about have to make money from side hustles etc. I want to be able to have a content plan and make sure that I do not run out of ideas for my Instagram page.

I plan on starting a blog also and I feel I will struggle to come up with content ideas. 

  1. What is your process of planning your content for your blog
  2. How can I consistently churn out great content that I feel will benefit my audience. I want my audience to get value from what I am posting.

I have plans to make an “Introduction to Investing” Ebook as a lead magnet to start getting my email list going also. I will put this into the community once completed to make sure it’s up to standard.

Link shared during the call: 50 Breakthrough Blogging and Content ideas eBook 



Sian Finn

Hello there Ken and Mary

I hope you are both well. I was looking for your general thoughts given my current financial position and recent changes…

Like many, I have been saving and trying to get on the property ladder as a first time buyer. I have just purchased my first home (after a stressful time in a crazy market lol). It feels good to get on the housing ladder and although the deposit/stamp duty and fees has absorbed most of my savings, I am pleased to be paying into an asset. So now, I am hoping to build up my savings again…

  1. I currently have an ISA stocks and shares account with Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (VWRL), I pay £200 a month into this account. I admit my ignorance with regards to investing, is FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (VWRL) a good choice for long term investing? 
  2. Would you recommend another option? This would be a ‘set it and forget it’ option for me so was wondering if I should carry on investing here or move my money.
  3. Additionally, I have £8K sitting in the bank which I know will only lose value over time if it just sits there… How could I help this grow? 
  4. Would I be best adding it to the stocks and shares ISA above? 
  5. Or is this a sensible amount to have in the bank as an accessible emergency fund? Any ideas welcomed.

Coaching call – call 57 – Wednesday 11 May



I have been in a simliar role for the past 15 years and moved around different companies. I am bored, and would love to earn more in my role in project management or in a different industry but dont have experience. I am keen to also have a side hustle but I am not passionate about anything in particular. I have £20k of savings and continue to save. Buy-To-Let was the area I wanted to target but i would rather somewhere in London but can’t afford it. I’m 45 with 3 kids and would love to spend more time with my kids. What is your advice?

Links provided during the call: 


Invest in cheaper properties:




I am writing a childrens biligunal book. I am self publishing.

I have found my illustrator, she will be starting the images very soon.

For the last part of making this book. I don’t know how to put the book together, how to design the book format, does anyone know how to get the book ready for KDP amazon printing?

Thank you

Link provided during the call:





Hello Ken and Mary 🙂

Good to be here, I am new to the community and am familiarising myself with the resources. Thank you for the work you have put in! I have a question which you have likely answered many times before (sorry!)…

I am looking to create a blog that I can eventually monetize. I was going to use Squarespace to host and design my blog; mainly for ease of use and because I don’t have to worry about updates. 

I have noticed that you discuss WordPress more, is this just a preference or are there reasons WordPress would be recommended over Squarespace for example?

With thanks


Link shared on call:


Image shared on call:

Open Q&A



Stephanie Taylor

Nicky and I have transferred profits from one of our businesses into our SSAS pension and now have our first SSAS funds to invest.

We would like to invest in the stock market until we look for our next property project next year.

I have found out from our pension administrator that we can use Vanguard Investor to invest our SSAS.

And as I use Vanguard for my personal investing and like the platform, I’m going to do this.

When I chose funds for my stocks & share ISA I just chose a few funds I thought would perform well and offered some diversification.

Now investing a significant sum for our SSAS.

And being accountable to Nicky I feel a little more pressure!

I’m wondering if it’s just the same approach

– choose funds you think will do well based on the market/past performance

– spread risk across funds which offer some diversification.

Or is there anything else I should take into account when choosing funds?

I know you can’t give advice, but just from your knowledge, which funds would you be looking at if you were investing now?





Coaching call 52 Wednesday – 2 march 2022


Hello Ken,
I was hoping to share some current circumstances I am faced with financially and to get your advice.

I have a normal 9-5 job earning 60k per annum before tax. I have another part time job that gives me 15k before tax

My 9-5 job takes care of all my tax liabilities but the issue is the other 15k

Based on my earnings I am required to pay 40%

I urgently need your advice on how I can maximize my expenses and reduce the tax I get to pay before this financial year runs out in about 6 weeks.

I also want to set up a Limited Company to properly manage this same situation for the next financial year.

I found your video about that on youtube.

Thank you




I’m thinking of starting a free Facebook community alongside a blog. I have been in many free business groups where they just become a flea market with business owners trying to sell their wears to other business owners who are not their ideal clients…

  1. How much time would you spend in a free community, how would you add value/show up and on a practical level would you allow people to post freely or would you grant approvals for posts? 



  1. I have always been told the art of reading is dead! In this IG reel / YouTube shorts generation do people still read? 

I am considering starting a blog but am cautious that readers have become watchers… Would love to hear your thoughts?


Stephanie Ivuerah

Is it better to enter the property ladder as soon as possible (for me this would mean getting a two bed flat with hopes of moving up the ladder later) or wait until I can afford the property I really want (a three bed house). In both circumstances, I’d like to rent out the spare room/s. The main thing stopping me from getting “my dream house” is my current income. I’m also conscious of the leasehold v freehold debate. I currently live at home and though I contribute to the household, it isn’t as much as the average rent so I’m in less of rush to move out. 

  1. What do you think is best for someone is my situation.

Also (this is a hypothetical question) if I was planning to get married soon, myself and my partner are in the position to buy properties independently of one another.

   2.  For the purpose of building wealth, is it better to buy separately or wait until  marriage and buy together.


Sandra Mighty

I have a buy to let 1 bedroom property that I am thinking of letting out to contractors as I understand that you can get a higher return on your money than normal lettings.

What’s ur view on this and how do I go about finding contractors/where do I advertise. Turning it into an Airbnb is also another option. 

  1. Which do u think is a better option?